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The main language spoken in Monaco is French, followed closely by Italian and English.

The national language is ‘Le Monegù’ which still widely figures on street signs all over the Principality. The public schools in Monaco still teach the native language from elementary through to high school. About 22% of the population in Monaco is of Monegasque nationality, the rest is a blend of diverse nationalities from British, German and other European countries.

A world-class education

Monaco has both Public and Privately run nurseries and schools for children between 3 to 18. Click here to see thorough list of establishments in Monaco. There is also the International School of Monaco which will provide an option for those looking for a more international environment. These establishments offer a top-class education as evidenced by the very high grades achieved by recent graduates from both systems.

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Monaco also boasts the International University of Monaco, focused on business education from bachelors degrees to PhDs. The surrounding French and Italian regions also contain a multitude of International school and University options such as the International School in Nice.