Improve your chances of success

Successfully selling your property involves far more than simply putting it on the market for sale. In order to find a genuine buyer, the following key points are critical:

  • Marketing your property at the right level and to the right client base
  • Presenting your property in the most favourable light
  • Correctly pricing your property

Lack of clarity with the above points often results in properties remaining unsold for months or years, eventually to be discounted below market value for the wrong reasons. Icon Property can help dramatically increase your chances of a sale, basing our advice in a true analysis of the market, presenting the properties at the level they intrinsically deserve and marketing within the right global sales networks.

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Find a reliable partner you can trust

Icon Property take the stress out of renting your property whilst also protecting your valuable asset:

  • Turnkey service and tenants point of contact during rental period
  • We undertake due diligence on all rental clients
  • Copies of all legal documentation in English

We recognise that your logistical involvement should be kept to a basic minimum but with your interests protected. 


Getting the best returns

Monaco consistently ranks as the most expensive Real Estate market in the world, yet as a consequence, rental yields can be low. 

Therefore, strong local knowledge is crucial to ensure intelligent purchases and the return on investment you require. 

Icon Property can create an investment opportunity that is right for you and ensures your macro objectives are always at the core of every negotiation.

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