An art-lover’s guide to Monaco

You might think that the best exhibit in Monaco is the principality itself, so glamorous and stylish is it, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find some exquisite art galleries to visit while you’re there. Here are a few of the best:


Seek sanctuary in the Museum of the Chapel of Visitation, and a feast for the eyes awaits you. View Old Master paintings against the breathtaking backdrop of this baroque chapel. Art world legend Rubens is just one of the top-notch artists whose work you’ll see here, alongside Zurbaràn and Ribera.

Marvel at the New National Museum of Monaco

Next stop, immerse yourself in the New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM) situated on two sites at the Villa Sauber and the Villa Paloma; which together hold a range of temporary contemporary art exhibitions. Be enraptured by the beautiful settings and the well thought out exhibitions – a must stop on your art itinerary

A trip to the opera

Step into the Opera Gallery for exhibitions of modern and contemporary art that are lauded the world over; you may even be lucky enough to see a Pablo Picasso on their walls. Look online, and you’ll find this gallery receives outstanding praise, and that’s no wonder with the quality of the artwork on display.      

Monaco Fine Arts packs a punch

Setting up a fine art gallery might not seem the most obvious choice for a former formula one driver, but that’s what Michael McKee did in 1975 when he founded Monaco Fine Arts. The gallery originally focused on Impressionist painting and sculpture, plus art linked to Monaco’s heyday, but has evolved along the way and now focuses on conceptual art with impact. 

Kamil Galerie du Forum is a triumph

Founded by architect and interior designer Kamil, the gallery that bears his name showcases both new and established artists. Look on the gallery website, and you’ll find an intensive and dynamic exhibition programme which is sure to lure you.

Russian art entices

Revel in the beauty and diversity of the exhibits in the Russian Art Gallery. Here you’ll find artworks from the 18th century onwards, from vibrant still lifes that burst with colour to breathtaking Russian landscapes that take you back to another time and culture. This gallery will leave you intrigued, inspired and wanting to see more – what could be better?        

Put your best foot forward

Sculpture by internationally acclaimed artists pepper the principality of Monaco, thanks to the efforts of the Sovereign Prince, but discover the delights of the sculpture trail in the Fontvieille district where a number of key sculptures have been brought together in one inviting walk.  

Vieux Monaco awaits you

Look ahead to the summer of 2018 for the reopening of The Museum of "Vieux Monaco" which exhibits a range of objects relating to the history and heritage of Monaco including paintings, as well as ceramics, furniture and costumes. Learn more about the culture of this principality which has no peer, here.   

So there you have an overview of some of the keynote art galleries in Monaco, but there are a lot more for you to uncover, so step out and explore the many cultural attractions on offer. Renting in Monaco is a great way to get to know the principality, so contact a leading real estate agency to find the right property for you.